Foundations in Jyotisha
The ancient science of Indian Astrology
Jyotisha 1
Jyotisha 2     
Jyotisha 3

I teach online live classes in the foundational principles and skills required for basic competence in Jyotisha. These are available through individual study sessions or in a small group format.

Foundation classes are typically held once per week, and run for 12 weeks.

Jyotisha 1 and 2 will each be offered twice in class format in 2021. Jyotisha 3 will be offered only once in the autumn. Registration is limited to 5 students to ensure active learning while on zoom. Send me an email if you are interested in joining these classes. We will get onto zoom to discuss the course, fees, your learning goals, and more.

Nota: As Fundações Jyotisha são oferecidas aos alunos no Brasil online, ao vivo e com tradução ao vivo. Envie-me um e-mail se você estiver interessado e irei conectá-lo a Naradeva Shala, a organização anfitriã no Brasil.

Jyotisha 1:
January 27 (Wednesdays) and
April 22 (Thursdays) 0900 Pacific/Noon Eastern

Jyotisha 2
May 5 (Wednesdays) and September 9 (Thursdays) 0900 Pacific/Noon Eastern

Jyotisha 3: Dates to be determined

Further Study:
Important subjects are available to ongoing students on both an individual study or small group format. Group classes are usually held on consecutive mornings for 4-5 days depending on the subject matter.

  • Nakshatras
  • Prasna I and II
  • Lord Saturn
  • Rahu and Ketu
  • Jyotisha and Qualities of Mind
  • Muhurta